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Kindness Counts {Back to School Part 2} | Ashburn Photography

As I mentioned in my previous post, Monday was back to school day.  At my son’s elementary school, they have a set of school-wide rules called the BARK rules that they’ve been talking a lot about.  (Their mascot is a Labrador so it makes sense, stick with me here.)  Anyway BARK is an acronym for the 4 rules of behavior at the school –

Be Ready

Act Responsibly

Respect Others

Kindness Counts.

So the phrase Kindness Counts has been sticking in my head for the past few days, especially since Sunday was our 2nd annual Back To School Chalking event inspired by Kindness Girl Patience Salgado.   A group of parents from our elementary school got together to write welcome back notes and reminders to our children and staff about how awesome they are.   Then last night I read a friend’s blog and her suggestion to say Thank You to a teacher really hit home with me.  So I sat down and spent about 5 minutes writing an email of gratitude to my son’s teacher, and also to another person who I felt was doing selfless – under appreciated work.  I was thrilled to wake up this morning and find three emails that said I’d made someone’s day.    It literally took me 5 minutes, and I brightened three people’s days.  Is it naive for me to say that perhaps our society would be less mean if each of us thanked someone who wasn’t expecting it?


Will I still vent about people who do silly things in the carpool lane?


Do I feel like I made the difference in someone’s day this week?


So I leave you with this year’s chalk messages to our students.  Special thanks goes out to AB, KW and NJ who helped organize,  provided spectacular artistry – who knew?  and kept me company and searched for vandalism while I photographed in the wee hours of the morning.

If you have a minute this week, thank someone who wasn’t expecting it.  And then come back here and tell me about it.  I’d love to hear how Kindness Counts in your lives.

  • September 2, 2011 - 10:10 am

    Heather Engen - What a neat idea! (Our neighborhood was at Legacy for maybe two years before we got switched to the school down the street.)

  • September 2, 2011 - 8:52 pm

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