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Something new? | Ashburn Virginia Sports Photography

First I have to say that I can not do work when my kids are around.  They just mess up my flow, and this snow day is no exception.  BUT, I’ve committed to blogging twice a week and today is the day that I’m supposed to be posting something here, so I thought I’d share with you something new that I really want to try out.

Those of you who have kids who play organized sports get that little piece of paper at the beginning of every season.  That flyer for “team photo day” – it’s as much as a rite of passage as the little black comb on school picture day is.  Everyone lines up in the sun and squints for the team picture.  Then they hand your kiddo a bat that is way too big or have them pose with the soccer ball just so.  We all are guilted in to buying them, but they aren’t really ever a great shot of your kid, right?  What if you could get really awesome photos of your kids in action?  What about shots of your whole family on the sideline at your favorite field?  I really want to do some experimental sessions this spring at our local fields and I’m looking for three active families to participate who love sports as much as I do.  I’m only going to do three of these sessions this spring, and I’m offering a really cool metal wall print included with each session.  I’ll meet you at the softball field, at the horse stables, on the soccer pitch or even at the pool.  Wherever you do your thing, that’s where I want to be!  It will be a family lifestyle session with your favorite sports thrown in!


If this sounds like something you’d be up for, email me for more details.  I’d love to take some action shots with you and your super stars!

  • February 18, 2015 - 11:56 pm

    Kathy Perry - curious about sports/family pictures. Our son (4) is trying t-ball this spring and our daughter is a very busy dancer in south riding. I love your idea for this shoot. Looking forward to learn more. Thank you!

  • February 19, 2015 - 12:00 am

    Kathy Perry - Love this idea! I look forward to speaking with you!