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The F Family | Charlottesville Family Photography

As one of my best friends during our final year of mechanical engineering classes in the “E-School” at the University of Virginia, Lance single-handedly is responsible for my highest single semester GPA of my college years (thanks Lance!).  He patiently re-taught me things that had gone over my head, let me copy his notes when I overslept missed class, and kept me entertained if not entirely focused during the dullest of lectures with running commentary in the margins of our notebooks.  When I met his then high-school-sweetheart, Kara I could tell they were perfect for each other, and I love seeing how he has grown into such a family man.  Suffice it to say the F family is one of my absolute favorites and I was thrilled to photograph them last fall on the Grounds where I first met them over 20 years ago.  I’ve been so honored to photograph them over the past 5 years and watch their daughters grow from shy toddlers into spunky young ladies.  Unfortunately the Rotunda is undergoing a major renovation so we had to get a little creative with our locations, but we couldn’t have asked for a prettier November day.


L&K – Thank  you again as always.  I’m so glad we finally made it to Charlottesville for your session.  We may not have tricked any squirrels with cheese this time, but I think this turned out even better!  :)

Do you have a favorite location where you’d love to be photographed?  The place you met your husband?  The field where your kids spend all of their time?  I love photographing families in places that hold special meaning for them.  Email me today to schedule your session!