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All Stars 2015 By the Numbers

{Or How I’ve Spent My Summer Vacation}

7 weeks

25 Practices

12 Boys

24 Parents

3 Coaches

17 Siblings

1 Broken Femur

1 Super Fan

10 Dozen Krispy Kreme Donuts Consumed

3 Laundromat Trips

922 Miles Traveled


8+ Days Spent Playing “Hookey”

2000+ Photos Taken

10 Nights in Hotels

Hundreds of Facebook Updates

4 Wins at Districts


6 Wins at States



4 Wins at Tournament of State Champions


1 Hard Fought Loss


1 Team


Priceless Memories.

To those of you who caught baseball fever and followed along on this wild ride, thank you.  Whether you got updates on Game Changer, came out to Glory Days for the video feed of the Championship, or just checked Facebook for the score, we felt your love. I’m pretty sure the workday productivity in Loudoun County dropped significantly during game times. Our boys played their hearts out this summer and I could not be more proud of them all.  They held their heads high and played with sportsmanship and hustle.  We had amazing coaches and a great group of families.  I know for certain they will never, ever forget the experience.


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