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Colleen and Mike | Sunset Hills Vineyard

It all began at a Mini Session in 2013.  Because she is the most photogenic woman I know, I snapped a quick shot of my old college friend Colleen alone during her annual holiday photo session with her daughters.  I just learned today that the photo became her profile photo on a dating website that intrigued Mike enough to click and learn more about her.  He liked what he saw, and two and a half years later, in a gorgeous ceremony, surrounded by people who loved them dearly, they were married.

Colleen and I have fallen into a pattern of taking her fall photos on the coldest, and windiest day each fall.  And for three lovely ladies with wind-whipped long hair and short skirts, that’s always a tricky situation.  When she asked me to photograph her wedding in April, I though for sure we would (for once) get sunshine and warmth.  But as I drove out to Sunset Hills Vineyard last Saturday afternoon the winds were howling and snowflakes were whirling across my windshield.  The plan was to assemble chairs on the hillside next to the willow tree and capture the golden glow of sunset while they said their vows.    Fortunately all that mattered to Colleen and Mike was that they were together with their people who had brought them to this point, so plans were changed, chairs were brought inside, and with smiles a mile-wide, the ceremony went off without a hitch.

LoveHaightWedding-001 LoveHaightWedding-002 LoveHaightWedding-003

Mike waited for Colleen in the only spot on the property that was shielded from the wind.  I’d say it was worth the wait.

LoveHaightWedding-004 LoveHaightWedding-005 LoveHaightWedding-006 LoveHaightWedding-007 LoveHaightWedding-008 LoveHaightWedding-009 LoveHaightWedding-010 LoveHaightWedding-011 LoveHaightWedding-012 LoveHaightWedding-014 LoveHaightWedding-015 LoveHaightWedding-016 LoveHaightWedding-019 LoveHaightWedding-020 LoveHaightWedding-021 LoveHaightWedding-023 LoveHaightWedding-025 LoveHaightWedding-026 LoveHaightWedding-027 LoveHaightWedding-028 LoveHaightWedding-029 LoveHaightWedding-030 LoveHaightWedding-031 LoveHaightWedding-032 LoveHaightWedding-033 LoveHaightWedding-034 LoveHaightWedding-035 LoveHaightWedding-036 LoveHaightWedding-037 LoveHaightWedding-038 LoveHaightWedding-039 LoveHaightWedding-040 LoveHaightWedding-041 LoveHaightWedding-042 LoveHaightWedding-043 LoveHaightWedding-044 LoveHaightWedding-045 LoveHaightWedding-046 LoveHaightWedding-047 LoveHaightWedding-048

As an aside, it’s really hard to get your camera to focus when you have tears in your eyes from an incredible toast by the bride.

LoveHaightWedding-049 LoveHaightWedding-050 LoveHaightWedding-051 LoveHaightWedding-052 LoveHaightWedding-053 LoveHaightWedding-054

Colleen was the Pied Piper on the dance floor!

LoveHaightWedding-055 LoveHaightWedding-056

It may have been her wedding day, but at the end of it all, she’s their Mom.  XOXO

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  • April 14, 2016 - 7:56 am

    Aileen - Beautiful. So much happiness and love here. Great job capturing it all!