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You’re the wrangler-in-chief of three active kiddos.  You follow them out the door in the morning with your running shoes on so that you can squeeze in a little me-time before it’s time to volunteer at school and get to work on your part-time job.  You stop in at Grit on the way to afternoon pick-up to fuel your mild caffeine addiction. It’ll power you through the afternoons spent driving across Albemarle County – from field, to pool, to dance studio and back again. Your family eats dinner in shifts, and if you’re really lucky you might get to share a quiet glass of wine with your husband before you start the whole thing over again the next day.

Every once in a while your youngest looks at that studio portrait hanging in your bedroom and asks why there are only two kids in it.  Remember those days?  When you had time to take the toddlers to the mall every three months for the updated studio package?  It’s all been a blur since then hasn’t it?  Can you imagine having time to do that regularly now?  And would anyone cooperate?

Before you know it, that boy you just dropped off at the baseball field will be getting dropped off at his college dormitory!  When was the last time you spent some quality time with your kids and spouse and let yourselves have a little down time as a family?   We’re all on-the-go so much these days, which is why my sessions are typically only about an hour long.  That gives us just enough time to capture how well your family gets along when you’re all actually having fun together, then get you back to the action.  If you’re ready to relax and enjoy a laugh with your husband while your son helps his little brother climb a tree in the park or to see what happens when your daughter forgets how much she “hates” her brothers and races them across the polo field at a local winery, give me a call at 703.638.9570!

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