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Travel Team Photos

Travel Ball Parents- How many Little League ‘assembly line’ team photos do you have lined up on your fridge?  Go count, I’ll wait – and while you’re looking tell me how many you can actually see your son’s eyes in.  Did the whole team show up for picture day? Are all the boys squinting into the sun? How many of the kids on those past teams can you even name?

Eagles11U-007Do you have any great photos of them with their travel team? (Aside from the one taken at the end of a long tournament where they are posting with the championship trophy, which is a great photo for an entirely different reason!) These are the boys they spend hours on end with for 9-10 months out of every year. These are the boys they trust to have their back when they are on the mound. These are the boys who lift them up in the dugout when they strike out on the high pitch that they just can’t lay off of again. These are the “second sons” who you feed, and carpool, and whose parents you bond with over wine in the hotel lobby on every road trip. These are the teammates that they will think of when they reminisce about their youth ball days.

I love baseball almost as much as my boys do.  That’s why I started taking travel team photos and shots of my boys and their travel teammates. I wanted to have keepsake photos beyond the terrible goofy Little League team picture day shots. I wanted photos of my son staring down the batter from the mound, and I wanted to see the way he bit his lip when he was in the batter’s box.


I wanted photos of how handsome he looked in his uniform. I also wanted a photo of him and his teammates that he will cherish when he’s an adult looking back on his “good old days.”  When I look at these photos it gives me a chance to reflect on the little boy at his first t-ball game who couldn’t figure out which hand to wear the glove on, but they also give me glimpse of the future and the boy who will soon become taller than me. These days are fleeting, which is why capturing my boys chasing their dreams is my passion, and is which is why I am now offering Team Photo Sessions exclusively to Travel Teams.


How does it work?

Ask your team to wear their game-day uniforms to one of your practices. I’ll come out early to a practice one evening and spend about an hour with your team. Each player will spend 5 minutes with me taking some individual posed shots and some action shots on the mound and at the plate so it won’t disrupt your entire practice. We’ll get shots of catchers in their gear in action too.  Once everyone has had individual shots taken, we’ll spend 5-10 minutes getting a team photo with everyone.  Designate a parent to help me move through everyone and I’ll be out of your hair in about an hour and you can get back to practice.


What is the cost?

There is no upfront cost to book the session. The photos are sold in packages and a la carte online directly to parents. Click here to see the complete price list.  Most parents spend between $50-$150 on photos. Keep in mind; these are much more personalized than the standard “picture day” photos. I am passionate about getting great photos of your player that will be displayed proudly on Grandma’s mantel, and cherished for years to come.



I know that the costs of travel ball are high. Supporting great teams is my passion, so I will give 20% of the profits back to your team as a fundraiser, or to a charity of your team’s choice. The more pictures you buy for Grandma, the more your team earns!

Learn More

Email Kelly Nelson at to learn more and to schedule your team photo session today!

Disclaimer to dads and coaches – These photos are not to be used as critiques of form or technique. Some artistic choices are made that may not yield the best form.   I don’t want to hear about how my photos lead to an extra practice session! :)

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